The Best DXRacer Chair

The Best DXRacer Chair

May 07, 2018

In our quest to find the best gaming chairs on the market today, we are going to take an in-depth look at the offerings from DXRacer, one of the biggest and best names in the gaming chair industry.

In a previous article on the blog, we discussed how to find the perfect gaming chair for you, and we also compared some of the best brands of chairs for gamers available today, such as our DXRacer vs Maxnomic comparison piece. We looked at the DXRacer brand, specifically their gaming chairs, and why they are one of the best choices when looking for a high-quality, ergonomically designed gaming chair for your home gaming station.

What do we mean when we say “the best” gaming chair?

The best gaming chair should not only be comfortable to sit in for hours on end, which will be an essential requirement for gamers, it should also offer good overall support for your body. A good quality chair, regardless of whether it is a high-end offering or a cheap gaming chair, will provide support for the back, the neck, the hips, arms, and shoulders. This is all accomplished if the gaming chair features things like lumbar padding, neck support pillows, a high backrest with a low recline option, and adjustable arm rests, to name but a few.

The importance of these features, along with good quality materials, cannot be underestimated. A top quality ergonomic gamers’ chair will make for a healthier posture while gaming, which, in turn, will lead to a stronger, pain-free back.

In the past on this blog, we have gone into detail on the best brands of office gaming furniture available on the market today. And, by logic, if we can break down the offerings of gaming furniture by the best brands out there, we should be able to very easily narrow down which types of gaming chairs are the best of that brand. However, when it comes to DXRacer, the offering is so varied and vast, refining their range of gaming chairs becomes a difficult task.

A quick recap on DXRacer and the racer gaming chair.

Before we go any further, it is worth recapping on exactly who DXRacer are. DXRacer are the original creators and designers of the first racer gaming chair as we know it today. As a company, they began as a manufacturer of car seats for high-end sports cars. Noticing a gap in the market, they turned their sights to the gaming furniture industry and, using their same high-quality designs, created the first racer gaming chair.

A purpose built gaming chair will have a good ergonomic design, as they are specifically made with the comfort of gamers in mind. And the racer gaming chair combines the look of a racecar’s bucket seat with a high-end, ergonomic gaming chair. They look incredible, and will ensure that your spine is kept in good condition whilst you game for hours.

DXRacer offer excellent craftsmanship and premium quality manufacturing, with every single product meeting the highest quality standards. There is something for every budget from DXRacer, from expensive and exclusive gaming chairs through to a comprehensive selection of low-priced gaming chairs.

DXRacer are the creator of the original racer gaming chair, and while they offer some of the best on the market today, their offering is so much more than just racer styled gaming chairs. As mentioned, their range is so incredibly diverse, that even within the DXRacer range of chairs, there is no one quintessential chair which encapsulates their image, their style, their quality, or their brand. Yet, in a way, they all do. So with that in mind, we thought it important to take a more detailed look at each series of gaming chair within the DXRacer brand’s range.

The different DXRacer gaming chair categories

The DXRacer selections of gaming chairs can be broken down into two primary categories, DXRacer Gaming Chairs and DXRacer Office Gaming Chairs. They also have their Special Edition series of chairs.

DXRacer Gaming Chairs

Within their gaming chair range, DXRacer offer six different series of chairs – the Racing Series, Formula Series, Valkyrie Series, King Series, Sentinel Series, and Tank Series. The overall look of this range includes the rigid high backrest of a sports car’s bucket seat, with the classic elongated headrest synonymous with the racer gaming chair.

DXRacer Racing Series offers stylized features to capture the look of a racing car’s seat, such as color contrasting and patterned stitching. These chairs are ergonomically designed to support the spine, shoulders and neck, and include 4D multi-directional armrests. The Racing Series is recommended for average body types, with a weight capacity of about 250lbs. This series includes an officially licensed Call of Duty Black Ops III racer gaming chair for gamers and eSports lovers.


DXRacer Formula Series is recommended for slim or narrow body types, as the chairs within this collection feature a more tapered, narrow backrest, and have a maximum weight capacity of less than 200lbs. The seats on the Formula Series of chairs all have bulging, soft padding around the edges, at the headrest, and at the hip region. The backrest contains additional mold-shaping foam padding.


DXRacer Valkyrie Series features gaming chairs with 3D adjustable armrests, and additional head and lumbar support pillows. The gaming chairs in the Valkyrie Series include extra foam padding on the reclining racer-style seat. It is distinctive in its look by the recognizable V-shaped patterning in both the stitching and the vibrant color contrasting designs.


DXRacer King Series is a more sleek and streamlined looking range of gaming chair. The King Series features a wide backrest with deep, molded foam padding across the entire seat. With a higher maximum weight capacity than some other DXRacer gaming chairs at 300lbs, the King Series is ideal for the more athletic body type. This range of gaming chairs feature 5D multi-directional armrests. The fifth dimension includes the ability to adjust the entire mounting bracket of the armrest.


DXRacer Sentinel Series, like the name suggests, stands tall with a backrest height of 35.5 inches. All chairs within the Sentinel Series support the weight capacity of up to 350lbs, and are ideal for most body types, including athletic and above average sizes. This stocky looking racer gaming chair provides padding and support to the biggest gamers.


DXRacer Tank Series is the racer gaming chair with the most mass. The Tank Series features large gaming chairs with a broad backrests. This oversized style is designed for a taller and larger body type, supporting a maximum weight of about 450lbs. As with all gaming chairs from DXRacer, this series offers bold color options, adjustable features for ultimate comfort, and looks exactly like a good-quality racer gaming chair should.


DXRacer Office Gaming Chairs

Whilst all DXRacer gaming chairs are distinctive with their “racer” look, they also design a range of gaming chairs which capture a more understated design, with just as many fun features. The DXRacer Office Gaming Chair selection is a perfect addition to a home office gaming station.

There are also six different varieties to choose from within the DXRacer office gaming chairs range – the Boss Series, Classic Series, Work Series, Drifting Series, Iron Series, and Elite Series.


DXRacer Boss Series is a range of office gaming chairs with a deep seat-base and broad backrest with built-in headrest cushion. This sturdy and ergonomically designed office chair is suitable for the larger body type, with a weight capacity of 400lbs. This meaty offering is bulky, durable, and sturdy.


DXRacer Classic Series has a distinctive appearance with the combination of color contrast paneling and square-stitch patterning. Made from high-density mold shaping foam, the broad backrest has the addition of lumbar support padding and a padded headrest. The Classic Series has an approximate 300lbs weight limit and is build for athletic and above average body types. Simple and elegant, but with the bold color options that DXRacer are famous for, this series of DXRacer chairs really are “classic”.


DXRacer Work Series is a popular offering from DXRacer for those looking for a clean design and a unique style of office gaming chair. The color contrast patterning on the PU leather looks sleek and follows the curves of the racer seat’s design. This range includes the addition of removable lumbar and neck pillows, so can be customized for your own personal comfort preferences. This style of chair is designed with a weight limit of 185lbs in mind.


DXRacer Drifting Series includes lively designs, as well as elegant, luxurious office gaming chairs. All made from high-density cold cure foam padding, one half of the Drifting Series features busy stripes, and panels of multiple bold colors, while the other half is made up of black real leather-looking executive chairs, with crosshatch and diamond-shaped stitching for added style. The maximum weight capacity of the Drifting Series is around 200lbs, and is made for slim or average body types.


DXRacer Iron Series is most similar to the Drifting Series of office gaming chairs, but has a higher a maximum weight capacity at 275lbs. Like the Drifting Series, this range also splits between bright, overt designs and more subtle executive styles. However, the Iron Series is made from a combination of Polyurethane leather and leather style vinyl, giving it a 1950’s or retro edge.


DXRacer Elite Series is another example of a series of gaming chairs from DXRacer with a individual and recognizable look. Made for a maximum weight capacity of 150lbs, the Elite Series features a narrow, squared off backrest and seat, made from both Polyurethane leather and leather style vinyl over high-density mold shaping foam. The gaming chairs in this series include additional large lumbar pillows and headrest cushions.


DXRacer Special Editions

On top of the above regular offerings, DXRacer also produce Special Edition gaming chairs for eSports lovers looking for something a little more unique or different. The Special Edition range offers limited edition gaming chairs of all kinds, and, for the avid gamer, are a must-have collectors’ item.

For gamers, there are gaming chairs affiliated with your favorite video game, such as the different Quake editions of gaming chairs or the range of licensed Call of Duty chairs.


Esports fans can find gaming chairs emblazoned with their favorite eSports organizations or teams, such as the Ninjas in Pyjamas, Fnatic, Natus Vincere, and Counter Logic. DXRacer also offer officially licensed high-end gaming chairs from World Series of Poker (WSOP) and the Major League Gaming Corp (MLG).


So of all of those offerings, which is the best DXRacer gaming chair?

After looking at the expansive offerings of gaming chairs from DXRacer, choosing just one chair as “the best” is not necessarily possible. Depending on your own personal requirements, such as chair size, weight capacity, etc. the beauty of DXRacer range is that once you know what you need, the suitable series of gaming chairs will be revealed to you.

If you shop on a site like or, you can shop by maximum weight range to help make this process even easier.

After you know what your own requirements are, then the choice of DXRacer gaming chair is very much up to your preferences regarding aesthetic features such as shape, color, and style. No matter which DXRacer office gaming chair or racer gaming chair you choose, all are made from high-quality molded foam and padding, with an ergonomic design suitable for sitting for extended periods of time. So, with DXRacer, your physical well-being is always being looked after, letting you get on with immersing yourself in the gaming task at hand.