The Best Cheap Gaming Chair

The Best Cheap Gaming Chair

April 25, 2018

Gaming chairs, like all specialized gaming furniture, can be quite an elaborate purchase. Some brands and styles of gaming chairs can cost as much as $900 for a premium offering. Although they tend to be expensive, they are also a very important purchase if you intend to spend several hours gaming at a time. Gaming chairs, whilst aesthetically extremely “cool”, are designed to provide added support to the neck and lower back. A 2017 study in the United States showed that 49% of respondents, across all demographics and not just gamers, reported suffering from back pain. For the avid gamer, who will sit for several hours immersed in another world, a lumbar supporting, comfortable chair is important.

If you are on a tight budget, you may not think you can afford the luxury of a gaming chair. Well, that’s just not true! The great news is that there is a wide range of cheap gaming chairs available. And like their more expensive counterparts, there are vastly different styles available. Just because your budget is limited, this doesn’t mean your options are also.

There are two important factors to consider when beginning to look for the perfect gaming chair, your budget and your personal taste. Firstly, it is always a good idea to decide on your budget as, even within the cheap range, the price of gaming chairs will still vary. Some stripped down, basic gaming chairs are incredibly low priced. But also within the cheap gaming chair range you will find more elaborate, feature packed racer gaming chairs. At approximately $300, they may be significantly cheaper than their high-end alternatives, yet the price may not be for everyone shopping within the “cheap” range.

After you have an idea of how much you wish to spend, the next factor comes down to personal preference. Just because this range is cheap, again doesn’t mean it isn’t varied. Each chair in the range offers something different.

Several feature the same vibrant options as the premium racer gamer chairs, with added features depending on the style. And speaking of style, there are numerous styles available too. Some gaming chairs posses a more understated, straight black, executive office chair look. Others feature extra-large, padded bucket seats which will delight those seeking the traditional racecar seat look for their racer gaming chair. You can even get racer gaming chairs more with a more stripped down appearance, which may not be as deeply cushioned as others, however, will most certainly provide sufficient support and comfort for an excellent price.

So no matter what your preference, there should be a gaming chair to suit your home. Here is a quick rundown of some of the best examples of how varied this cheap gaming chairs for PC range can be:

Basic Gaming Chair

This Basic Gaming Chair features the general racer gaming chair look, and is a perfect example to begin with when showcasing the cheap gaming chair range. Whilst a very stripped down version of the premium racer gaming chairs, it still offers a comfortable padded seat with added lumbar support. The high back provides an ergonomic angle to encourage good posture during long hours of gaming. The real selling point of this gaming chair is the color design. A vibrant red synthetic leather seat is contrasted by a black center panel, which features a red diamond-shaped stitched detail. It may not last as many years as the high-end offerings, but it looks great, and for the low price, you can afford another in a few years’ time.


Leather High Back Executive Gaming / Chair

This chair is a wonderful example of comfort meeting style. The monotone black seat, made from PU leather, features thick padded cushions throughout, for the ultimate in soft support. Its neutral design will fit into most home office surrounds and will give hours of comfort to any gamer. It is one of the cheaper offerings price wise, but it is certainly not lacking in the gaming chair design stakes.

Eames Style Executive Leather High Back Gaming / Office Chair

Eames styled chairs have been a popular interior design choice for many decades, with the name Eames being deeply synonymous with style and class. As gamers today cross all demographics, there is no reason that the offering of gaming chairs shouldn’t too. The Eames Style Executive Leather Chair is an elegant addition to the range of affordable gaming chairs. At first glance it may not seem to offer the same padded support as others in this range, however, the rigid yet soft real leather seat is designed to provide support during long seated periods. It is an ideal choice for those looking for an ergonomic gaming chair for their stylish home office.

Brabham Ergonomic Gaming Chair

The Brabham collection are luxurious racer gaming chairs made from genuine leather, and feature a selection of vibrant color design choices. These ergonomic gaming chairs all include padded armrests, adjustable additional neck and lumbar padding, and a soft cushioned seat. Designed to provide strong support during long gaming sessions, the Brabham Ergonomic Gaming Chair offers everything its high-end counterparts do for a fraction of the price.


Sebring Black/Red/Grey Gaming Office Chair

For those doubting that the cheap gaming chair range can offer a top-quality racer gaming chair, the Sebring Gaming Office Chair can provide some reassurance. This incredible chair is as close to perfect an esports gaming chair can get for a low price. Not only will its racecar seat design delight all seeking the traditional racer chair look, the added adjustable lumbar, neck and arm supports give this chair the advantage of proving the best support possible within this range.

Needless to say, even within the cheap racer gaming chair range, the more money you pay, the more features and adjustment options you get. However, even the top of the range chairs are surprisingly affordable, and offer some fantastic features such as genuine leather, padded armrests, even tall backrests tilting between 90 and 150 degrees to allow for comfortable position changing during long gameplay interludes. So, no matter how limited your budget is, there will something to comfort every gamer and compliment any gaming desk set up.



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