Finding The Best Gaming Desk

Finding The Best Gaming Desk

April 17, 2018

When gaming, a spacious and accessible gaming desk is just as important as a comfortable gaming chair, but so often overlooked. If you are a passionate gamer who prefers the high resolution and frame rate that only a PC can provide, especially when multiplayer gaming online, desk space will be essential for your performance and enjoyment. Gaming desks offer gamers much more than a standard office desk can, allowing for the ultimate gaming experience.


Gaming desk manufacturers understand that their consumers, gamers, make up every possible demographic imaginable. Therefore gaming desks have been designed to cater to everyone; every possible need and interior design scheme. So, where do you begin? A wise first step will be to read through this guide on how to choose the best gaming desk for you.


How to choose the perfect gaming desk


As with all elements of the perfect video gaming setup, the ideal computer gaming desk will be very much dependent on your own specific requirements.




First things first, are you looking for a gaming desk for your desktop or tower PC, for laptop gaming, or perhaps both? There are several variants of the gaming desk for each type of system, from small laptop gaming desks to larger PC gaming desks with ample space for a stack or desktop computer. Have an idea of what you want to put on your new gaming station before selecting in a desk, as it is worth bearing in mind that different gaming desks have different weight capacities.


Do you prefer to sit or stand when gaming? There options for both now, with compact adjustable gaming desks which can be used in a seated or standing position.


Space and Layout


Space for your gaming desk and space for gaming itself should be considered as two separate factors. If you have a small apartment, or are looking to slot a small gaming corner into your home, there are many choices for a small gaming desk available. If you have more room to work with, a large, multi-tiered gaming desk may factor into your decision.


Regarding your personal gaming space, as much surface space as possible can be a real blessing, especially if you use several monitors. Some gaming desks have additional platforms, perfect for placing screens and monitors, keeping the desk free for your gaming keyboard and mouse. Some desks offer a retractable lower level for keyboard storage when not in use. For filling a corner, try maximizing your available space with an L-shaped or corner gaming desk.


Different styles of gaming desks also have storage options such as shelving, cubby holes, drinks holders, and drawers. So once again, depending on what you like around you when you game and how you like it laid out, there will be a gaming desk to fit your needs.




As with all desks, gaming desks come in a wide variety of materials and in all manner of structures. There will be something to fit with the interior décor of any living space, that can be easily matched to your other gaming furniture, or your home furnishings in general.


If you would prefer a wooden desk, finishes such as mahogany, walnut and cherry are available. If the lighter elements of glass is your preference, this can be matched with a variety of chrome, aluminum or wooden frames.




The style of gaming desk you choose will come down to personal preference. Once you know what your requirements are, you can choose the look and style that best fits with your life. Here are a few of the most popular styles of gaming desks available.


Corner/L-Shaped Gaming Desk


A corner or L-shaped desk is not only a smart design choice for maximizing space in your home, this style of gaming desk allows for an ergonomically space-efficient way to set up your gaming station. Larger corner shaped gaming desks are ideal for multiple computer setups. If you also use your gaming desk as a home office desk, you can separate the different sides of a corner or L-shaped desk into work and play.


A good L-shaped gaming desk also tends to feature additional shelving, cubby space or levels, for office stationary or computer game accessory storage. Smaller versions of the corner gaming desk may not fit as much computer gaming equipment as the larger versions, however also tend to include shelving to offer additional storage of some sort. Large and small, the corner and L-shaped option is a space efficient choice.


The other wonderful benefit of a corner or L-shaped gaming desk is that regardless of whether you are left-handed or right-handed, you can adapt your gaming space to suit you.


Small Gaming Desk


If you want a dedicated gaming station in your home but space is limited, there is a really varied amount of small gaming desk options available. Sometimes, in spite of having space aplenty, you may simply prefer a small gaming desk for portability or for laptop gaming.


There is a wide offering of compact laptop gaming desks, small foldaway gaming desks, small desks with pull-out features, and many neat, discreet styles of small gaming desks in general to be found.


In fact, a small laptop gaming table with adjustable features can often be an excellent second addition to a hardcore gamer’s home.


Large Gaming Desk


Large gaming desks mean you never have to worry about room for comfort whilst gaming again. Allowing for multiple computers, home office stationary and equipment, speakers, gaming mouse, gaming keyboard, snacks, you name it, large gaming desks can accommodate it. You really will have free rein to lay out your gaming station exactly how you like it.


If you have the space to fit a large gaming desk in your home, that is only the beginning of your decision making. The selection of large gaming desks is vast. Some have added drawer space or shelving. Some are tempered glass, some are metal, some are mahogany. Large gaming desks come in contemporary designs, antique looks or mid-century modern styles. So start browsing, as you may need some time to find the look you like.


DXRacer Gaming Desks


Once again, DXRacer bring the “cool” factor to gaming furniture with their range of DXRacer gaming desks. They look fantastic in the same ‘black with bold accents’ color schemes that their racer gaming chairs feature.


However, beyond simply looking great, with many unique features, they are very much designed with the gamer in mind. The desktop, made from natural wood, features a 10 degree slope, affectionately called the “angle of attack”, the optimal ergonomic angle for comfortable forearm placement. The front of the desktop also tapers downwards to stop the desk edge from hurting the forearm after extended periods using a mouse.


The frames of DXRacer gaming desks are made from steel with high quality ABS plastic. The frame shape features a double triangle design which provides stability whilst gaming, as well as allowing for a larger weight capacity. These compact gaming desks may not look it, but they have been tested to support 110lbs. The DXRacer gaming desks also include wire management solutions, with four large openings throughout to neatly pass wires and cables through. The 360 degree rotatable feet plant this gaming desk firmly on the ground without damaging your floor.


These gaming desks are for the most passionate of gamers, and were made specifically with their needs in mind. If you are an avid gamer, the DXRacer gaming desks should certainly pique your interest.